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The 2015 NFL Draft May Change Cities

Although the original location of the NFL draft is Radio City Music Hall in New York City, next year it may be on the move.  What is known now is that at the very least the draft won't be at Radio City Music Hall due to a scheduling conflict.  This has lead to Brian McCarthy, the spokesman of the NFL, to say the league is focusing on New York City, Chicago or Los Angeles as possible locations for the 2015 draft pick.  


New York City may actually be the least likely option for the draft pick because other venues in NYC may not be available.  Madison Square Garden is a possibility, but because both the New York Rangers and the New York Knicks will be playing there, it might be difficult to find a time to hold the three day drafting event.  

Other cities that might be a possibility will be Dallas, Houston, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Boston.  Each city is required to provide as much information as it can by the end of June so that the NFL can make the decision by the end of the month.


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