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2014 NFL Standings As Of Week 5

Chargers Pic
The 2014 NFL season is now one third of the way complete, and NFL fans all over the world are excited for their teams. Cardinals fans and Chargers fans are feeling pretty good right now, but Rams fans.... read more

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Top 10 NFL Power Rankings After Week 4

Power Rankings NFL
With four weeks in the book, the standings are started to shape up and the NFL-Gear team is poised to release out first list of power rankings.  We had a lot to debate, but made each decision bas.... read more

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Penalized for Praying

nfl celebration
Last night on national television, Husain Abdullah picked off Tom Brady and took the interception back 39 yards for a touchdown score.  Upon reaching the end zone, Abdullah, who is a Muslim, knel.... read more

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A Surprising NFL Fact Unknown To Many

NFL Headquarters
What comes to mind when you think of the NFL? Most people automatically think of large fan-filled stadiums, well paid athletes, and money. In fact, the NFL has always been recognized as a powerhouse w.... read more

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Top 10 Selling NFL Jerseys From The 2014 Offseason

NFL Jersey
Do you think you can guess the top ten selling jerseys from the 2014 offseason?  I’ll give you a hint, you’re right about numbers: 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9 and 5 won’t surprise you either.  The bigg.... read more

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Understanding What Rookies Are

football rookie
In many dictionaries, the term "rookie" is defined as "a new recruit" or "a sports player in his first season". In the NFL, these definitions definitely apply. When many people hear the word "rookie.... read more

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The 2015 NFL Draft May Change Cities

Although the original location of the NFL draft is Radio City Music Hall in New York City, next year it may be on the move.  What is known now is that at the very least the draft won't be at Radi.... read more

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Football Players that Played Basketball

Playing any professional sport is incredibly taxing on the physical body and each sport works a different set of muscles that makes it incredibly difficult to participate in more than one professional.... read more

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Johnny Manziel aka "Johnny Football"

Johnny Football.jpg
One of the most talked about draft picks this year was Johnny Manziel, also known as "Johnny Football".  Born in December 1992, Manziel went to Tivy High School in Kerrville, TX.  There he w.... read more

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Robert Mathis and the NFL's PED Policies

Robert Mathis Pic
Lots of news outlets have been throwing around the term "PED policy", so it's important to understand what exactly that is. PED's, or performance enhancing drugs, are substances that football players .... read more

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